Kitsch and Cute

A Kitsch and Cute e-commerce store enabling this fantastic boutique to sell their jewellery to a global market.

The Project

Kitsch and Cute are a startup kitsch and vintage jewellery business, who were looking to sell their fantastic products online.

The Result

The online store comprises of a unique website design and creative layout, whilst providing a functional and simple to navigate e-commerce store. The Kitsch and Cute store has some cool additional features over our standard e-commerce setup, such as a wholesale and trade ordering system, coupon and discount codes, email retetntion and marketing.

We Used

  • E-Commerce System
  • Content Management System
  • Creative Design and Direction
Kitsch and Cute - E-Commerce store


e-commerce . online stores . content management systems (CMS) . web design . web development . domain registration . hosting

Marketing and Advertising

banner advertising . flash banners . email design and newsletters . business stationary . flyers . signage

Design and Creative

illustration . artwork . graphic design . merchandise . t-shirts

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